Paducah, KY Stop Sign Problem?

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Here are some photos of a stop sign in Paducah, KY. The stop sign is on Hinkleville Road, in a busy area, across from a mall and adjacent to a school and a church:

Looking toward town:

Paducah stop sign 007

Up close:

Paducah stop sign 006

Looking across two roads where the stop sign is situated, you can see a church and then a school:

Paducah stop sign 005

Another view, such as it is:

Paducah stop sign 002

Paducah stop sign 001

  1. ed nelson says:

    It’s time to prune the bushes.

    • Hi Ed! Amazing, huh? Every day we go by we keep thinking they’re gonna prune the bushes, surely they are…

      Great to see you! I am working on legal stuff. It is taking a while, but have been doing that all night and day, pretty much, lately.

  2. LaLuna says:

    in a word: obscured

  3. ed nelson says:

    The city should deploy the public works crew of munchkins, equiped with stepladders and climbing gear, to go out and top the… ground cover! (seems like the sign is a little low.) They might raise the stop sign up to… adult level, are you sure that isn’t a hollywood set for small a small people movie. hey, everybody can’t be 7′ tall.

  4. ed nelson says:

    CraneSta, is it ok to post a comment on your lattest post: OVER EASY: DISPARITY, ?

    If so, here is my comment on Cap punishment… in the “Devil’s advocate” stance from your general trend:

    Well I’m onboard with the idea that it’s sad when there is a plausible need to intentionally kill humans. There is, (in a hot moment), a need to defend oneself/others, but talking about condemned prisoners who are under tight control within institutions, who have been adjudged lawfully to be in line to be methodically euthanized, that is more than sad. It is also a few other things.

    It is vengeful, but also, arguably, a practice that is just from age old moral guidelines.

    It is one way to cleans out the population of those who fall below the line, and commit capital offenses. That option for society, verses keeping them around, breaking rocks, or more likely confined in cages to rot.

    So, I am conflicted somewhat, because of course, there might be a small percentage of innocents who fall through the cracks in an imperfect system, in ascertaining guilt. It happens, it always will. But even so, the punishment that is in store for those who escape death, shouldn’t be overlooked, for any of the condemned, not even mentally retarded or profoundly dysfunctional.

    Life in a “shoebox”, locked up for ever and a day, no way out… is that more kind… than a quick shot??? Most of the traditional methods are effective, when done right… not saying the sadism isn’t lurching in the shadows, always: wrong amperage… loose knots/inadequate drop… the firing squad that couldn’t shoot straight… creative innovations to pharmaceutical procedures, (under the guise of altruistic/painlessness intentions), which may be a form of induced “locked in syndrome” combined with exquisite designer excruciating pain, without the possibility…( to express!!!).

    And… even if the poor thing spends a few decades withering away and “rotting from the inside”, might one day get an incurable disease and die. So no death was ever cheated by the best of the worst intentions really!!!

    Give all longtime prisoners a choice. No human should be a commodity, for profit!

  5. ed nelson says:

    Hi Crane, Hope the heck you are doing ok, I saw a Sand hill Crane recently, on my walk, about a mile from my little dump… down to the other side of the little “town” as it is called..

    Well sorry to get into my cupps again… sorry to put it in that kind of vernacular… and to be so couse, as it were…

    The most important thing that I have to say here is that I want to tell you of the event I witnessed about… a Sandhill Crane, which… hey the first one I ever seed around these parts… Gadamned!

    I was walkin’ like I do, across town about a couple miles, and it is this little trail that they done made, and I like that, I mean we need these trails to walk on, 100% if you know wnat I mean…

    And so, I was just walkin back from the market, over town, and whoe! I seed this gread big mfr’n birdly lookin’ thing, about, oh say 75 feet up in front, and he, was about 4 foot tall, and he was pointin’ his great big snout… really pointing it! like I said… I should let him do his thing.. so I stopped and just looked. Man, tell you what… that crane, up on land, on the trail, he just stabbed him a goepher, and then took up into the air, and went right down into the creek, where he/she, did the cue de graw, and it was a sight to see,

    The Crane took its prey into the creek, where it sort of reordered the grabb and shook it by its neck and cleaned and watered it, (I guess, breaking its neck too,) and with a couple of shakes, then up and swallowed it, but only halve way… because the bulge was still in the neck, so the smart bird, the smart 4 foot tall mfr bird, did what… I guess any damned fool would do… took a swill of the water, to wash it all down, one more gulp!

    I saw it, so that is true!

    Just a little factoid about Cranes, (Sandhill crane), I don’t really think they are supposed to be in this area, but they are a wonderfull animal, and the funny thing was, the next day, when my real estate woman showed me a place… 5 miles north of here, well for Christ’s sakes, another of the same… Sand Hill Crane, was right out there working the field…

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