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This artistic piece by Dustin Farrell, is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

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The Art of Making films show people who overcome the dim and dismal that is so ubiquitous today, and create beautiful things by combining art with science.

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The first shows the making of a flamenco guitar. The 299- hour project Alma Flamenca is condensed into a gorgeous 3-minute film by Dimitris Ladopoulos.

If you are interested in the precise art of carpentry, the second very short film (1 minute 41) features the carpenter, and is also by Dimitris Ladupoulos.

Realtime sound visualisation made with custom software “Partitura”
Sound by Telefon Tel Aviv
an ongoing collaboration between Abstract Birds and Quayola
Partitura is a custom software built in vvvv to generate realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound. . The term “Partitura” (score) implies a connection with music, and this metaphor is the main focus of the project.

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For more information, here is the direct link on Vimeo for this beautiful film.