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Rejected is an animated short comedy film by Don Hertzfeldt that was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2000. It received 27 awards from film festivals around the world.[1]
Rejected has a cult following and has grown into a pop culture icon that is frequently quoted or referenced.[2] In 2009, it was the only short film named as one of the “Films of the Decade” by [3] In 2010, it was noted as one of the five “most innovative animated films of the past ten years” by The Huffington Post.[4]

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Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected was nominated for an Academy Award. Here is more.

Born August 1, 1976 (age 35)
Fremont, California
Nationality American
Field Independent film, Animation
Training University of California, Santa Barbara
Works Billy’s Balloon, Rejected, Everything Will Be OK
Influenced by Stanley Kubrick, Monty Python, David Lynch, Edward Gorey, Buster Keaton
2001 Academy Award nominee
1998 Palme d’Or nominee: Cannes Film Festival
2007 Jury Prize in Short Filmmaking: Sundance Film Festival
winner of over 150 other film festival awards

Don Hertzfeldt @ Music Box (Chicago, IL)
Don Hertzfeldt @ Music Box (Chicago, IL)
Image by Leigh under Creative Commons on flickr.