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The Texas Prison System Goes To Two Meals A Day To Cut Costs.

Mike Stanfill’s Know Your Scumbags. (hat tip Silverback66)

If you followed the Scott Peterson case in California, you may want to check out this blog site. There are also other articles related to prisons and prison overcrowding.

California inmates may be shifted to county lock up, and 26,000 prison employees may be fired. While this may look good on paper, transfer from prison to county lockup (ie: warehousing) is a disaster for inmates.

In Phoenix, a former guard receives a one-year sentence for inmate abuse and misconduct.

For folks who are curious about my legal case, I will be writing about that as well. Issues are numerous and interesting. The case currently sits with the Kentucky Supreme Court as a Motion For Discretionary Review. I will be posting the initial 911 call, the dash-cam video, all recordings of hearings prior to the trial, all official transcripts that I have, briefs, responses, lab reports, open records requests, orders denying suppression, the order of sentencing, and the corrected order of sentencing, as well as anything else that anyone wrote or said, such as the Bill of Particulars and as much of the trial transcript as anyone can stomach before racing to the nearest porcelain receptacle. (I spoke to my attorney today and gave her a heads up.)

With my husband’s help, I will introduce relevant legal issues, binding case law, statutes, and case history.

Brush up on your Fourth, Fifth, First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Anything that is a matter of public record, in fact, will be here (or on YouTube).

I will start this process, I hope, about sixty days from now. In the meantime, I will continue to bring you the nonfiction account of incarceration, Frog Gravy.

I would like to thank my readers for stopping by this site and taking the time to read. I would also like to thank you for your patience. My notes are voluminous and disorganized, and although I have tried to make each essay a stand-alone, I realize that flow is an issue. I am attempting to fix these issues in the Frog Gravy manuscript.

If you are at this site by mistake, worry not. I post about other things also. I aim to please. Which brings me to this. Ever felt like you were not quite communicating with someone? Take a look at this: