Posted: November 11, 2012 in music

Hit this up:

Come to think of it, hit this too:

  1. ed nelson says:

    Yeah, I know it’s pretty entertaining… it’s real funny, however the deal is to me: That we won’t be laughing as loud down the road, when we get it… that all this outrageous stuff, really is aimed at you and me.

    That crazy dancing is an affront to … stuff that we used to sort of take for granted, our old way of life. That crazy dance step is something!!

    That crazy dance step is saying: Fuck you all you old bastards!!

    Personally, I never liked dancing, I didn’t like it, I thought it was weird, but this new dancing is more than weird, these little bastards are saying loud as hell: “FU: old people.”

    My reply is, well that’s not a new concept, we probably all go through that stage in growing up, but sorry to tell ya’ll, that was when there was a world/ an environment/ a dada da… now we are in some kind of the end days type of decline, in MHOpinion.

    The dancing is funny.

    I might be getting too old or something…

  2. ed nelson says:

    Well I am old if I can’t … laugh and get with the.. picture… I guess I am sort of jealous, because I can’t dance at all, other than holding on to a babe with a certain amount of… mass/body weight, who can hold me up on the floor, cause I don’t think I ever “danced” sober in my later life: I went to the SF air port area in about say… 1985 or something, and my friends took me down there to see the musician Rick James, and I got pretty wasted, and went out on the dance floor, Rick put in some ad libs into his song… like “Oh the Moon must be high tonight” and it was for Me!…

    I am a horrible dancer! never liked the concept at all, course to my point, dancing should be looked at as what it was… It was for to bring out the girls of a place… a town or a kind of place where there would be locals, and that these locals, would entertain some important chief or wTF, and they would put the girls out to “dance” to show off… Bottom line this is what we have to offer… Sir!

    IOW’s… dancing was orig to show off the “collateral”… vestigal virgins to be bargained for… etc.

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