The Door (short film)

Posted: August 31, 2012 in film
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  1. ed nelson says:

    что является странным фильм

  2. ed nelson says:

    что было своего рода угнетающим фильм

  3. ed nelson says:

    Kag pushavietsah..

    Robota za kunchinah, cepeda pora damoi

    • ed nelson says:

      I messed that one up… should delete: [cepeda pora]. That should, maybe be: “‘ Ceped izzdi domoi,’: ‘(Теперь иди домой)”.

      You gotta remember the “tower of Babal” as it was part of the devil’s plan, to it>compartmentalize< it// the humanoids, give them a thousand languages and that is the master plan-template, to "divide and concor" So sorry … Earthlings!

      TO wit: the wonderful computor program to translate, is great, but why do they have to speak so fast, and run the f'n words together, with no… '' interstitial breaks between the words, ??

  4. ed nelson says:

    A few of my working friends were Russian and so on, I used to try to learn a few words when we were doing sort of boring work, it made it more fun, but I have little aptitude for language, so I only just remember a scant little, but I will try to trott out what ever I can. ( Yah cheetat ee kneegu, pa Ruskee, eelee, yah nee panimayoo.)

    • Wow, that is cool! I tried to learn Russian in 1979, because I visited the Soviet Union. I learned a little bit, but only remember a couple of words now. Russia is a pretty cool place. We visited 8 republics, I think they were called at the time. If I remember right, Elvis Presley died around that time. Anyway, we met some of the nicest people ever. They loved vodka, I remember, and sat the stuff out on the dinner table in a water pitcher. We saw so many beautiful places, including Lake Baikal (sp) in Siberia.

      Oh. yes, this is a strange film, but I think it may have been nominated for an award, maybe an Oscar, but I am not for certain.

      Great talking to you as well.

      • ed nelson says:

        Hi CRane Station, I took a second or third look and, I think it is a horrible junk piece a crap movie, equivalent with so much that is prevalent today…

        I think this may be an indication that Russians are succumbing to the American pathos, and that they will fall in line with the same techniques for to put out a type of decadent TV!!

        Great ! there… Ivan, Putan, great there rumdum… go and give up your thousand year old culture and heratige going back to the begining…. ! so’s you can be more like… [ not even anywhere close to… “Ozzie and Harriet”… (middle class Icons to be sure… ).

        Think twice, you Russian Neocons… Your few exemplars will have their yachits, and bigger and better… little out of town cabins… ( duchtas or something… ) but you as a people…you better not go with this neocon bullshit, it is the worst!

        Sir, Gospodine Putin, Please don’t put your people into the mixmaster so’s you’se–neocon related Bastards can reap the harvest, and live happily everafter on your Yachts and Villas, until all your grand children show up with those signs of… Radiation poisoning…

        Or, any of many other things, like the end of any kind of normal environment like when the plants and animals roamed… !

        Take this one for example:

      • ed nelson says:

        Hi Rachel, boy oh boy!

        I envy you that you got to go an see that place and travel it! knowed many Russians, who are mostly all dead now… ! See my friends are mostly all dead… in these times, that is just the way the world turns, I am not so old, but old enough…!

        My Russian friends were great good people, these guys were the salt of the earth, but we will have to talk about that in the future, cause, we are in a … vortex… where so many of our fellow humanoids, simply are not… human… or… on the udderhand…

  5. ed nelson says:

    I lost my comment out the window, so I will say that, I shall reup my Russian language now. I liked the fact that, I could learn Russian words, and that I figured out the Crylic alphepet in about a week, I made my dictionary a crib of the phonetic sounds etc, it’s easy,

    but hell I was checking out words in many lanquages, including about… maybe… 10 Chinese words! Haha… like how to count to 10, and the funny thing is that there is some similarity from the Japanese counting from 1 to 10, so on and so on.

    Here, eg, “eeche nee son che go” (my Japonese…) Chinese: eech nuh sunz soo whoo: my distant memory of my talk with a Chinese sailor.

    We had a pretty good time on the ships. We who worked the waterfront and the ships, we learned and we earned and we… WTF… ?

    Now listen here, all that…above… seeming… bragadochia, is not braggin cause Like is say’s I ain’t good at it, and it is hard to remember the sounds, and to put those sounds to anything with out a lot of practice, I could only get a few words over time: Kag Pushevietsah tovareesh?

    Robotah zah kunchinah, seechas, kag doma, gdeh robotahhesh zaftria?

    I try to be humorous… not too good!!

  6. ed nelson says:

    Oh by the way, I never try too hard to do much of anything, I could master Russian, I just don’t have much reason to do it, but maybe I will do it, and at my age, who cares? I do! I am going to start learning it, or Espaniole, got to do something. I was surprised how easy it is to learn the Crylic alphebet, and actually read it, because it is phonetic, so is the German, and I bet most of any real languages.

    only this thing we call English, is cryptic, in it’s spelling, and that is what it is!

    What it is! a purposeful exclusionary thing, a class thing, and so many other things, that the thing is made to be a way to exclude.

    • ed nelson says:

      Oh for Christ’s sakes Ed Nelson, don’t put down the horse that feeds you, the English language. English might just be a lanquage made up of vary many other languages.. but tell you what! There better be some of the Brits and Scotts, and Welsh, Picts, (I’m leaving out the ones I can’t remember…! But the lanquage includes and incorporates and that is it’s genius!

      That Russian language is full of stuff too, so are most of the lanquages not more than an agglomeration of the lanquages of the peoples who have moved in or come in, or in the case of Russia, I have this little thing to add: Peter the Great, tried to modernise/ “westernise Russia”, he was famous for bringing in the best… “brains and artisans, and technitions of that era” he could buy into Russia, because he wanted to make Russia a viable European state.

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