Don’t Go to Law School — Find Out Why

Posted: August 29, 2012 in satire
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  1. ed nelson says:

    Wow that’s pretty funny, I thought, how the heck is it possible to make those misogynistic type remarks?

    But, too bad so many kids get the shaft in the “Go to school cherade”… but too bad, too, that they thought they were going to “trounce” everbody who didn’t… “go to school”, like they were pretty sure they were going to be… the winners, go on around “Go” and make a million!!

    Too bad! That old “shingle” that you got, that ole’ “liscence to steal”, just ain’t like it used to be!

    No, it used to be sort of ok to work on the farm, or keep up the fambly business, or, go in the Army… in the near past the kids were channeled to go get a colleege degree, a “MBA” and all that, and they sure got a good background so they could be managers in little store fronts… little store fronts of this extended hoax … “corporate world”, what would K Marx say about this corporate thing? /why is it that so many of the stores insist that the clerks that deal with every customer have to say a script that is: ” did you find everything you looked for?… Do you have a ( so and so store credit card… ?)… Why is it so important that these clerks do this intrusive stuff, instead of just being friendly, and being personable, you know like in a community, like it would be sort of ok, like you go to the store and have a little talk with some clerk and exchange preasantries, maybe some small tall talk or even… Gossip, not now, no, the corporate overlords have the eye on the whole thing, and they want all the info on all the customers, and the poor workers, know they are under the scope, they even know, they have to ask this little stupid questions or, they will be axed.

    Crummy job, and no you can’t even talk to the customers, or if you say one wrong word the corporate assholes can fire you. Oh they got cameras all over the f’n place!

    • Ed! You know, I don’t have the answers. Come to think of it, I don’t know this country anymore.

      We should talk soon. Fred and I took an impromptu internet break, but we are back and it is good to hear from you!

      Hug for (((Ed)))

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