Doodling in Math Class: Connecting Dots

Posted: August 22, 2012 in film
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  1. ed nelson says:

    I sure wish I had her for my teacher, her but is beautiful… !

  2. La Luna says:

    Love it! I’m a doodle-er. 🙂 I was once caught doodling in a training program at a large corporation; it was frowned upon; I process better when I take notes and doodle in the margins.

    I’ve always loved colors and admired symmetry, but abhor geometry. Come to think about it, I’ve sometimes been imperfectly “connecting the dots” in my life. But that’s ok; accepting imperfection is a good thing.

    Hey, thanks, Crane-Station! I’ll regard my white polka dots on navy blue grosgrain ribbon differently, and keep up the creative doodling…anywhere and everywhere.

  3. ed nelson says:

    we have self defense ”studios” everywhere now, one of the things (I suppose ) is: that like in the TV series with the son of one of Hollywoods chiefs… the one with the guy who was a great martial artist!! anybody remember that one, the guy died not too good of a death in real life, I will research it to get the name/program, from the ’70’s.

    Well any way… they bow and express some kind of extreme ”respect” as a prelude to a presentation of the arts, at least in tournaments etc. That is something, I always wondered about, because, I for example, probably would only want to learn how to defend/kill, and that stuff about bowing and being so circumspect about all things… (buddist… ?… ) I didn’t buy that these assholes who are into martial arts… do really care much about, nor of course would many of them, really be authentic… nor would there be any… oversight… [laugh… ].

    I personally knew many real martial artists. Real ones you may be sure! They, like so many.. pugilists, are extremely well controlled and reticent to apply the skills to anybody who is less knowledgeable, unless in certain extreme circumstances might happen.

    Today that stuff has become rampant, the days are gone when only the… “elite”… or such as … “Samurai” would be privileged to be entrusted with the arcane death dealing skills!!

    It should be another thing to recon with, that now in these times… these death dealing skills of hand to hand combat, are now in the “hands” of monsters just as much as guns and poisons, and what have you?… don’t forget just general political/crony-corruption based “criminality”… either.

    I would say… ” the good humanoids, better get real, and see what the ”bad ass humanoids” have going here… : It might even be, as simple as the movie: “the Time Machine”:

    The point is: that in some future time, the humans devolve to where there is a troglodytic parasite class, that preys on the sun loving naive normal humans, but they are hypnotized, and when a bell rings, they go to be eaten!!

    So… you may ask what is my point…? Well to make it short and sweet: we are seeing a kind of time now, where there is a fork in the road. We are at a time, a momentise time when all the future of man and the planet will come to a head.

    Will the daemonic forces put man and the planet to doom!!… ??!! or is there any chance for life??…!!!

    Just to help to explain my thinking: this… there is a war going on, and it is about life or antilife, and that is running through all manifestations of all things, unless I’m wrong!!!???.

    One of the worst things going on, IMO, is the destruction of the rule of Law. As we have known it. Social atomization/isolation of peoples, through diabolic uses of social tools, TV, Radio, Media, Trends of all sorts of kinds… !

  4. ed nelson says:

    Sorry Crane, I messed up a little, I wanted to tell how… my take on the good post was… that, That girl, (I think a girl, and a wonderful girl, with a genius… for sure!! ) I guess I was trying to say, that I am flumaxed by that thing!!

    But… and yes that was the word: Butt, so sorry to not spell it right!

    I was onlly channeling my 8 through … 66+ and on and on+ . But reality is… an ongoing obsession with the beauty of women… the beauty of the Butt, and the beauty of slim waiste, and well turned leggs…

    Call me old fashioned!!

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