Heart of Coppola by Brian Carroll (short film)

Posted: August 16, 2012 in film
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  1. ed nelson says:

    He’s great.

    the next to last image with him holding a revolver to his temple is bothersome… and there will be those who can correct my presumption about that… ! But, that isn’t a good way to do the self the: coup de grace. All he might do is to blow out his optic nerves and minimal damages to the frontal lobes etc. where nobody is sure wether there is anything that valuable anyways… because a lot of ones operating system is repeated and compleated and can be joined in, when/where!

    That is one of my early thoughts as a kid… that it might not be video recorded, it might not be otherwise tech or what… templated and filed… but there is a recording of all things…

    • Lots of chilling stuff in this. August 15 was the 33rd anniversary of the premier of Apocalypse Now. I saw it in Los Angeles, I will never forget because it was in a theater on Wilshire, I think, and the place was packed so we sat in the very front row. I got a raging, and I mean an incapacitating migraine headache. I do not even remember the movie. I was so sick, convinced I was going to die.

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