Curiosity Has Landed (from JPLnews, August 6, 2012)

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  1. ed nelson says:

    Back a couple a years, back when I didn’t know nuthin’ about bloggs and that kind of stuff, I used to pooh pooh the whole internet/computor deal… (I was kind of a “Luddite” on it… ), well being blue collar in SF, and seing the hords/herds… of dweebs coming/going from, cubicles where they did whatever they did.

    Now: to the present, I have made a few blogg comments, and some neophyte diaries” too, and now I see, it isn’t instant death!, it may be instant death to your old… secret anonymousness, but that was coming like it or not.

    So: my point is, that a good blogg could not only be hijacked by commentors… but like I had thought in my first steps into the blog thing… that a lot of the commentors probably are bots!

    So I thought I would bring that up again, because some of us wonder… (I had conversations with an old friend on this subject… ), that commentators, and others that answer on the online conversations… could be fake commentors… computorized/ robotized/ logorythmetized/ etc. !

    So as I see Fred’s blog go super ballistic in comments, and reading them is not that fun… and I couldn’t even find mine, to reinspect it if you like…(what is that called? checkin’ out your what..?).

    Just saying… check it out, maybe a lot of those comments are bot based crap. Because and especially because, none of it, rises to the points made by Fred’s diaries, but is small and pathetic almost to the enth degree. In essence your blogg is infected by a plethora of bot originated enthropic BS!

    Crane, I chose to say this at your site, though it is about another site… thanks.


    • Thank you Ed, much appreciated. I have never been a confrontational person. Gossip is a whole can of worms I’d rather avoid.

      Don’t know what it is, maybe something in the water, or the economy, or the upcoming election season or whatever…but people do seem edgy everywhere!

      • ed nelson says:

        Rachel, Well no, you are not confrontational I think, although, I think you have confronted some of the pathetic ideas and “held beliefs” ( of some… ) So I think you could be ”brought up on: confronting…). There is something; somewhere; somehow… otherwise, I wouldn’t have respect! That, of course is different from what is meant by that term: “confrontational”, and I agree that to be confrontational isn’t cool, I wasn’t either, other than in my close in folks, and there I was too CFTNL, regret it all too! Should have played different.

        Gossip is when it’s just somebody spreading a rumor, but when the folks need to have some information, and it ain’t coming from the MSM… haha! Then it became a “Grapevine”… Nes pah?

        Sure wouldn’t want to be the onliest one who didn’t get the latest [scoop… trash… rumor… usw. and so/on.]

        You and me wouldn’t want not to hear the gossip, we need to know what the dumn bastards are saying over the back fence, cause it is or could, include you or me in some kinda way!

        I made the above comment out of sink to the Mars thing,,, because… Fred’s field of comments has grown and I don’t find the comments to be much good, but are more of a updated version of what was the problem back 5 years: Spam; trolls; intentional interference. And that also is to fill up a place with crap…

        This really is for Fred, but I figure… here’s a way to get in one with out going over to that bloated field of comments, sheesh! And like I said, look at the comments there, they are small little things from… well who? Not legal wonks certainly! ( I thought I saw some of them at “EMTY wheel”, (don’t read it anymore, since they banned my innocuous, and bland commenting) [didn’t much like ole emty too much in the first place: stiff; brittle; repressed; and she even said someplace: “jane showed her how to use… lipstik!! wow, I don’t want some brawd that doesn’t even know how to… put on her own… >>it.//War Paint!!//it<<. (italisize)…

        Wonkism is bs. We should all be able to interpret the things we need, including the… F'n Constitution, oh well what would we need the black robed cs'ers for then?

      • Cannot imagine banning you for innocuous comments. I do not read EmptyWheel, not due to any beef, really, but more because I just never got that ‘hooked.’

        I am learning a lot about the internet. I suppose I should wear it like a badge that I have stalkers on Twitter, man, I must be fascinating!! HaHAA! I Anyhow, whatever. Takes all kinds, I guess.

        I cannot imagine you being confrontational, really, I can’t, you are a sweetheart and I mean it!

  2. ed nelson says:

    your right, I don’t know what talk about, so: “confrontational” the word I guess could be stretched a little, and also mean… if you will: being sassy to your parents/teachers/adults, oh that is so much more like what I meant.

    My few confrontations with powerful men, didn’t go well for me! Or to tell you what I mean, I tried a boxer and got boxed, then I tried a boxer/blackbelt… and got… black booted with telling black boot marks all across my face! See that was when I was in a sort of denial stage about that Asian martial arts thing back in the 70’s, hell the guy who gave me the flying kick in the face even told me over a beer that at one time, he thought it was all crap too, then he figured: ” you have to have it.”

    But I was acting up in an inebreated state, ( I am still friends with those guys, not friends now, wherever they may be… years ago.)

    Little quote: “you kill the ones you love” and I guess that is where I was confrontational” in my small sense of the term, now poignent in my life because of the loss of my parents in the last few years, but then my dad could go off sometimes too sometimes but he was a sweet heart… your term, and thanks!

    Back to “confrontational”, as I think that to be “iconoclastic” is to beconfrontational to a whole raft… . That those who subscribe to the things that the iconoclasm is “acidic” to, (subject to some form of undermining deconstructive efforts… ) then that might be a kind of confrontation of what???… ?

    • Well now, Ed, C’mon son, LOL! Confronting a boxer or a black belt isn’t confrontation, it is suicidal tendencies!

      Iconoclastic confrontation…hmm. That is of the philosophical sort, I believe.

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