The Last Farm (short film)

Posted: June 27, 2012 in film
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  1. ed nelson says:

    Real good one. Poor guy must be the only bald head in the country, that cold can age you, not to speak of the lonely “subsistance farm” venue… of course ole Mom, there hasn’t been knitting sweaters for some time either.
    One of my favorite books, when ya want to put the videos to the side, that I read long ago was “Growth of the Soil”… Knut Hamsun, Norway. I would rec it as relavent to much of your general stuff, a guy is finally released from prison and goes out to live on the land up some far off fjiord, not too different maybe in visual. Then too, there was Rolvag’s “Giants of the Earth” about the Sqareheads that pioneered around Minnasotahh. Good reading.

  2. ed nelson says:

    And another take, this is understandable stuff, (the movie ) we (and many others too, ) who are Americans, of some age… middle aged… can remember back aways.. back to the time when we had a view of ourselves as… “individualists”…

    We could make it against great adversity, we could live off the land or on the land and survive.. gaddamndit!!

    What the movie tells is of a place that even in the 20eth cent. with nice diesel tractor and dump dolley, preserves some of the historic ways of life.

    You try that in any part of this … letigious if yet lawless speck of land, that we know and love, and well, how do you tell the clamoring hordes of media and officialdom who don’t think it is very funny that you…. ” burried your… fambly member back on the south forty acres/back othelot/basement!! hyahya.

    Though that was the practice in the times, and yet and still may… (may be, but I sinserely doubt that any such practice is allowed in the countries that are satalite to US. But I seen films of India, and they still burn the bodies on the river bank and trow the leftovers in the drink, and also, sometimes the vultures get a fiest.

    Now all that said, no way did that guy do that an get away with it, they would desend on him with the social workers and… hell, the mortician’s union would send all of their… family friends… (oh there’s a nice bunch, who live off a death’s lucre… ! )

    The movie seems to dipict a type of self sufficiency, and a time when that was. But you better not try it at home.

    Not until a time comes… in a few… when that will be back in fashion!

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