AZO Showreel 2011

Posted: June 26, 2012 in film
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  1. I do this all the time. Yeah.

  2. ed nelson says:

    Dear Rachel, I sent you a letter yesterday, and I forgot to say… Dear Rachel…

    to do with the video that you put up:

    enough already of that attention hound, what else can he do… ? could he save anybody’s life in an emergency… ?

    “Boy oh boy,”… [Sheesh… it just occurred to me, that, that old term (boy oh boy ) is totally obsolete!!, as it is maybe a little too close to another term: ( “man oh// man”: to: ” man on boy… ” [in italics ], ) yeah, I am talkin’ about that recent horror movie… Sandman.. sandusky… what a society it is gett’n to be, where all these jack asses are focused on out doing all others, at meaningless activities, and persuites.

    I vote for a more mundane… and contemplative venue with so many avenues to explore, god knows.. these brats haven’t had much tutelage in any thing along them lines… .

    These kids, are the kids… of the kids . …of the kids…. of the GOAts…. (little joke… !).

    Kids are goats… So maybe people’s children are goats… if these persist in callin’ em selfs kids, then we… the Goat herders of the world insist… that the peeps must agree to the conditions of the world of the nationalist goat herders convention… or we will go.. On Strike!!!!!!!!!

    This was something I put to you and your followers, hell I do realize that I was off, and going off into some other area….

    I know Crane Stay, you meant well, and did well as always… I only wanted to chime in with… my take on it…. which… end of day is: that: we all go down eventually and unavoidabley, at least seams to be the case, and we will go down when that day comes, but we don’t have to Kowtow to anybody… you don’t have ever agree with the bastards that.. well what they do… “frame the debate” for one thing… sure don’t wan’t to be a fool for that crapolla

    I liked Fred’s long ago treatises on things as diverse as: studies of things like the ancient preocupations with such as… the celestial. And Fredrick, I am talking about you know… Synchron… and so on… You are no dummy on it…. we shall take it further because we must… that is!!! The thing is really up to a point now, where it must be seen… that there is a war of worlds, a war of devils verses angels… a… kind of monsteous duoppolly, or WTF!

    anything back to me Fredrick’s… you could chime in if you want.

    And one of the ancillaries of that, which is one my own… suchas… suchass, suchasss== Miss NorthCarolina… (little joke… sorry… )… such as,

    What a cute gal, but the thing is… well, the thing is: that, that is a little example of what is the so called electorate… the peeps that do the voting and make the issues for them idiot kleptocratic phonies that ponce as government.

  3. She is very pretty, for real. How did I miss that? 54 million views? I thought I had seen all the viral videos. Sigh, well, let’s see. I will go have a look at my email again in the morning. Tonight I am a bit pissed off at AT &T. Again. For the 24th month in a row. They claim we are late on our bill, and they shut our phone off, but we paid our bill in cash, how do you do, as we always do and on time, thank you very much. They want 40 dollars for a reconnect. So, again, one more fucking time, we have to drive to the retail store and talk to our rep, Chris, who I feel really sorry for, because he works for this sleazy outfit.

    One of these days I am going to write the blog-of-all-time, with my AT and T horror stories, a blog that is gonna burn, man oh man. Watch for it. I am at the end of my rope and I am going to Kick. Some Butt.

    Oh! Hi Ed!!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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