FAIL Compilation MAY 2012 || WTF

Posted: June 17, 2012 in film
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  1. ed nelson says:

    Some of that stuff… “genre” accident porn… is “funny”, of course it is!

    But do they tell you when the accidents were “lethal” or not… ? No they don’t, I don’t think.

    Take one example there: the scate-board kid that landed on the adjacent ramp/top, on his sacroiliac. Well I just wonder if he will walk again, but that was funny to many, and that may have been his… “15 seconds” of fame!

    And all the others who suffered injuries, for the accident porn people… !

    And to what end all this perversity? Well one thing to be sure, the Indanapolis car cultists, are showing a bunch of clueless car owners how to drive recklessly on our… ” pubic hiways”… cut in, follow too close, all the bad tricks are emulated ever day… and forget about it, the cops like it.

    • Couple of those things made me cringe too, and I don’t have any idea if these people were really hurt bad or not. I hope not, although the one guy did say he thought he broke his leg. They need a Don’t Try This At Home sign!

  2. ed nelson says:

    I had some spare time on my hands so, I looked again at your video there, and so now after a few retakes, looks like the kid was real lucky… he came down on the whole pelvis and only the legs and bones were over the edge of that sort of sharp/fulcrum thing of the edge of the next “ramp”, if that had been what at first I thought… it could sheer the spine… says… Dr. Know it all/nada… I have seen… been… .

    [New start,]

    “Have you ever had a “friend” that laughs real loud when you take a pratfall? I have, and I put up with it for years, and didn’t want to think that it was much of anything… but it is!! It is a clear indication that that ” friend” is more a ”fiend”… just sayin’.

    Thanks for putting up interesting stuff, and putting up with… too.

    Revise: above, I didn’t really intend to spell it: pubic, that was unintentional, but it is lyrical to some degree… I think… and as I said the “cops like it”… only said that cause’ I just saw a police car demenstrate whiley driven, on my recent trip, amongst a bunch of bad … young drivers that I observed and avoided, and saw said pd car… pull in to that formation and do the same close following and lane manuevring that I so deplore!!… well I can deplore it all I want, these generation “X Y Z ” ain’t going to even hear about safe driving… can’t afford the ” signal 30 video” or nor do they have much of anything now.

    Good parents will watch their spawn, and that would be to cary on safety issues.

    PS: your site doesn’t allow to Italisize, why is that, why did the FirePluggs take that down the writting tools like they done back in … 2009/10, I wonder, hell I like to use punctuation, it makes more meaning, and we need more meaning, kwIm? (know what I mean?), hell we shouldn’t let a few self anounted screwball nerds circumscribe what the comunications will be for all future, or is that the plan…. duh.

    • “PS: your site doesn’t allow to Italisize, why is that,”

      Well, this is a WordPress site just like Firedoglake, but this here is the free version. Yeah. For poor people! HaHA! Some day I do hope to upgrade!

      Good to hear from you.

      When I think back on some of the things I did as a kid, and then later as an Old People’s Soccer Player…it is amazing I am still alive to type these words!

  3. ed nelson says:

    Hi! I forgot to include the SS (screen shot) of… what I was talkn bout, here:

    sorry, but I can’t put the screen shot here. If I would do it, it shows my whole desk top… I will send in some other venu…

    /Users/ednelson/Desktop/Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 5.24.25 PM.png

    Deer Frog, I looked it over quite a few, and so, I guess, what ever may be, I still am against these kids being nihilistic, which means: what it means…. the poor kids are destined to what it is….! They don’t all know it but they will bestow it… These kids who may survive… well think about it, !!! or don’t…

    these are more than… “interesting times”… these may even be… “end times”, has all the markings!!

    I don’t abide with this crap!!

    • I have always had trouble with screen shots and the kids…what are we to do.? Sigh, yeah. My son is grown, thank goodness, but given some of the crazy shit he and his friends did back in high school, well amazing any of them are still alive.

      The worst is yet to come for him though, because he still doesn’t have kids, lol!

  4. ed nelson says:

    Yup, even though I never made one, I am completely aware of the issues… (say’s me) and mostly because I know about the problems/heart/renderings… My god I wouldn’t be equiped to deal as… my Mom and Dad did, I would fail! I wouldn’t have the emotional fortitude to deal with a brat running around drunk on a motor cycle… like somebody did!!

    I have the screen shot of the exact moment that the kid came down on his back… when you take the time to break it down, it seem like he came down on the whole back/but and all, I had thought it looked like his lower back was over the sharp edge, which would be a terrible sheer to the spine, but when you look close, his whole but comes down on the flat surface, and then falls over into the pit, there are many videos of people going to their deaths, some videos are short of that, but so what, we must realize, that it is not a good idea to use your body like a wtf ///playin’ games with it, and/or usin’ it as a message board too!!..

    I worry too much, especialy since, it don’t pay that good!!

    I still maintane… it ain’t right to laugh at other folks when they have a accident!!

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