Photos Of Things I Have Found In The Garbage

Posted: April 25, 2012 in dumpster diving

Some of you may have already seen some of the things I have found in dumpsters. For those who have not, here are a few photos from past dives:

quilt from dumpster

angel from the dumpster

Stuffed ape with fruits (scrap recycle in background):
Ape and fruits from dumpster

Fruits, vegetables on dumpster chair, in dumpster basket, with dumpster drape:
Dumpster fruits and vegetables

Porcelain doll in perfect condition, with certificate of authenticity (doll has stamp on back of her neck as well):
Porcelain dumpster doll

Protective clothing (massonbennu on flickr is Mason, my husband):
The dumpster delivers.

Jars, new, in sealed boxes from the factory:
jars from  a dumpster

I will make an effort to share more photos of dumpster finds in the future- interesting and beautiful things!

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