Nikos Deja Vu – Father and Daughter (short film)

Posted: March 22, 2012 in film
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A short film Oscar winner. Beautiful use of metaphor.

  1. The metaphors:

    The father dies (boat, bird), and as the girl grows up, has a family and travels through her life she feels constant longing for him. She is elderly and she dies as well, and is then able to reunite with her father in the afterlife.

    This film made me cherish my father (and mother) and realize how precious each and every moment with my parents has been, and that it is all just so fleeting.

  2. ed nelson says:

    cute good template for something more serious, something could be done along those lines…

    I believe I made some remark on stick figure stuff… how all the actors and commics, simplify the character traits… well how else could they ever get trough a play etc.

    but I don’t really get what this one is saying. Oh and another perenial complaint I have is with music over… well why do always need so much music over… 24/7 Adds commercials as they are euphmistically refferred as.

    I heard of that concept from some guy who had done some time… back at a time when they could still hang and talk.

    • I think that in the beginning of this, the father knows he will never see his daughter again before he dies. She spends her whole life missing him, right up until the time when she dies. The film struck a chord with me, even given the ending…a reuniting in the afterlife, I found the regret and the longing to be almost overwhelming, and it made me rethink the relationships that are meaningful to me.

      This is a Dutch film, and from what I can gather, it won an Oscar in 2000.

      • ed nelson says:

        Okay, I didn’t get it… to me it is a “chick flick”, that isn’t a pajorative…

        It didn’t grab me… is saw the potential though… more Homer Simpson stick figure capitolist stuff, where that they don’t even have to pay actors… only computor generated cartoons.

        Do you see my little point?

      • I see your point, but I have always loved the less-is-way-more approach. Plus, I absolutely love metaphor. I openly admit that I love simplicity! Maybe it is due to the surreal nature of my life as of late. I look for anything concrete, truthful and meaningful.

  3. ed nelson says:

    I do tend to leave alot of unstated stuff…

    What the guy was saying is well… probably a little not what we want to talk about, hey the world is coming down around our shoulders… so… what he tole me was… adds, ain’t so much about to sell some shit… it is conditioning, so you will be happy and go and buy crap you won’t be all that… happy with….!

    And well if that ole guy did time… probably mostly just a little “window dressing”, embellishment….

    Oh back on the topic… of stick figure/ minimalist stuff… I got to tell you my main take on all of that whole phenom… It is a dumming down of a whole … “boat load X/ 23… an anstrom… or, just let that be many times. I didn’t learn much, but I don’t forget much of what I did!

    I cranked up a disc… ” Camalot”. and am hoping that the song that has been in my head… is going to be on that movie… this refrain goes through me ever day: “Try to remember a kind of September when… etc.”

    There are no ends to good music…. literally no ends to it.

    The whole universe is really just a bunch of… HARMONICS… AXE Dr. Freddy… who does know of things like: Synchonicity, mostly written about by the late… Jung… mostly known by all shamans, the world around.

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