Liv by Joshua Weigel (short film)

Posted: March 20, 2012 in film
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A powerful short film on vimeo from the director of the short film The Butterfly Circus, Joshua Weigel.

  1. Folks, if the video first comes up “unavailable,” refresh the page. The video will be there. The “page unavailable” notice is happening a lot lately, at various sites. I do not know the reason for this.

  2. ed nelson says:

    well it isn’t really ot… but so I think you might like it…

    some damned good Irish music, and a old view of our one good president come late…which we will continue to mourne… a real good guy… if an if not other reason than… he held up a good image of what a president might be…. and when they put him down,… you knew…. you had to know… ghouls are running wild….monsters are running wild… apparently they ain’t much to stop the mutherfuckers…. guess it ain’t any of these phoney ass Attorney Generals… so through over the whole f’n long time common law… system of property recordation… oh throw all that out… you simple minded csr’rs cause we do know … being totally compromised, is a good start… a good way to be totally no good.

  3. ed nelson says:

    this one is even more better… I sent it my brother… and I guess I thinik you would like it… course I might be sort of naive… but you will bring me up if that is an issue… Crane… tell me…

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