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  1. ed nelson says:

    this is great. Now what I think of it is, that it is “stick figure”… or something like “minimalist art”.

    I really like this stuff, you know the huge succseess of things like the “Muppets”… and “Homer Simpson”, much less so many more in the past… telebishon land… oh sorry, but you may figure it… you are way ahead of me… btw…. but these are some of the f’n issues, we might want to look into… Jethrow…!

    Make it simple…. make it attractive, hell that ought to about do it! Put a pretty girl on the poster: Sarah Palin… just saw the move today…

  2. ed nelson says:

    Or reduce things to cartoon.

    I guess that is my point.

    • These guys are really really good at dark comedy, I think.

      • ed nelson says:

        Sheesh, I had to go to my doc just last month… same old Hemoroid… embarrasssment… of course!… guy was exemplary, and glad I did it… one of the things I didn’t always know about hemoroids is that they heal them selves, it’s a feature built into the andibules… like us. One might just wonder at the features… the way the bodies repair thier seffs… the way that things work… if you don’t have a reverence for the real ways of this world… well you might be a drone-dork-automoton-none-spiritual- materialist devil.

        I do have my little idea: it would be that about 50% of the action… or to say it more better: 50% of the living … (mostly “sentient beings” I don’t particularly want to go down the road with the lower life forms.. worms… bacteria… etc… just the known… sentients… cats, dogs, apes, horses, for christ’s approval!, or what all? Don’t want to be too f’n smart ass, if you haven’t listened for example to these f’n birds, like the crows, that can really, I tell you, what… they actually can speak english… like minah birds and parots, they are smart enough to hear words, and … they repeat and “parrot” the words… and so, can you tell me you can be sure, that they don’t connect meaning?

        They probably can connect meaning… to some extent… they could figure… is there a cracker in the equation?

      • Our parrot actually orders us around, laughs, swears at the appropriate stuff that one might swear at, and does the wub-wub-wub-wub-wub way better than Curley from The Three Stooges. Absolutely hilarious.

        Those doctor appointments. Never know what to say to others in the waiting room: So! How ’bout them bears. The worst is when the doctor does not provide magazines. That you can hide in.

  3. ed nelson says:

    I forgot to make my point,

    so: “I do have my little idea: it would be that about 50% of the action… or to say it more better: 50% of the living … (mostly “sentient beings” I

    My little idea is: that about 50% of all of life is on one or the other side.

    That every swinging dick and clit, is either positive or negative… yin or yang

    What’s your take on that?


  4. ed nelson says:

    I’m wow\ed the way you did that… Damn! you came back so quick… Of course you know… I am discending into you know where land… But I ain’t lost yet.

    tell me something, I will answer it quick.. I am not a phoney person…. like that twerp FDL piece a crap tried to paint me… not ever…. I am real damn madd that… the way they put me in a chatagorie…

    Shure am glad that I can talk to an intelligent person…. like you all… /sk I ain’t southern, but I am maybe some southern… we came throuth the Comberlaine Gap after all…


    • ed nelson says:

      I wanted to reply to your March 19, 9:32 PM item

      That is a little thing/thought I have been working on in this past week. That if actors, or commediens… the way they do their thing is: that they make a simpleisied version of things.

      Inotherwords, in order to work that stuff, you as “an actor… or as a comic… or as somebody who can make a living mocking or otherwise make a living doinng what them guy/gals do… you have to be able to do this: Simplify the thing…. make it into a kind of cartoon…

      Hope you can see what I am saying… I think it is a huge breakthrough and a epiphany of major proportions… .

      See what this means is: is that: in order to do the work of … and actor… or a comic.. or a clown… all you must do is… to make things more simple… to make a deal where it is just so more simplified.. cartoon… stick figure…

      OK, just think about the main comics… that is what they did… they simplifiy and play that off….

      Or actors, they simplify and act that out… a real person would always be too complicated… see, so the art is… that what they really do is to simplify…. and so on and so forth.

      Takks so meget!

    • Well, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, hardly southern!

  5. ed nelson says:

    Listen here Crane stay… I have heard these goddamed crows… horrible bastards I would go out and shoot em… if it was legal… you better not even think of it!!!… though I could use a sling shot… having been a boy scout,.. I can make and use a “sling shot”… and I probably am capable to even more good stuff, but only in the defense of the blah blah blah.

    Now these crows, guess they got a right to live,,, well fine,,, they got the right to live… well so why not stop killiing some of the damned asholes in some of those foreign countries, for a couple of months…. and then…. oh yeah,,, then we go and do the real deal…! Kill the real devils.

    Yes that was A real nice comment!.. I know when I do this or that… I meant it… ! I meant that! I like that black guy who is a physisicist… I REALLY like to see him on tv… guy is a complete genius, of course blacks can be geniuses… of course.

    I don’t seem to have much for this paragraph… oh well.

    Edward E Nelsonberger.

  6. ed nelson says:

    I guess I wonder if you did or did not … were’nt you in this thread here.. Crane… was I alone … I don’t think I was… I am wondering if you took out your comment… I was almost sure that you had put in some answer comment there, other wise, I would be talkin to my seff… (self,) I joke.

    • I have not removed any comments. Sometimes, when I am in the middle of writing one, my computer inadvertently disappears text. It does this frequently. I don’t know what the name is for the problem- text jumping or text jumbling or whatever, but after comments are posted I try not to mess with them unless there is a glaring mistake.

      • ed nelson says:

        No not at all… I would call you here: sweetheart, but I don’t want to be either condescending, nor do I wanat to be endearing,,, or what is making close, who is an acquaintence… I am not coming ont to you, I just need to say, I only like to talk… I like to talk books for the most part. I am just as able … whoa whoa horsey!… What I mean is: is that: I don’t like to be over familiar with folks… not because I need or want distance… hell I got all of that I ever could use!… What I mean is: I just like to be real. How much do I know/or you know about each other in the wide sense… (obviously you are a happily married woman/ at least I accept that with no druthers.), I am, I don’t know if it is “obvious”, don’t have the genes to figure it, but. well, a no account… lifelong “bachelor”, or non combatant… not a queer not yet… I am still in the game… a minor player… but I will pull out some kind of play… or not… I think I got some game, didn’t show much up to now… i got the damn game, just I got some inhebitions, or some shit.

        My first girl friend when I was about 19, was only oh… about 32 years old, on her third abortion… she actually wanted to recruit me to take her to the south for that thing… I escaped that, but was hooked in for another two or three year contract.

        Well not too cool, not very much what I would want for mine… like I have one… would want to have one… but the world can’t support so many… unless well… that’s one of the places I do actually agree with the “neocon” assessment that: we need to reduce the population, by many fold… I think that that is correcto… I don’t dissagree with that.

        ONliest thing might be… who is going to decide who is and who… isn’t???? !!!!

      • ed nelson says:

        I made some comment about what: that I thought you had removed a comment… I don’t think that there is any problem…. Crane Sta… I just think I was too blitztes and I didn’t see your comment…

        IT can be just that… pathetic… By the way did you look up Stud’s Terkel’s book: “working…”?

        You will like it…. I have other books… not that I read many books… just here to tell you, I Iiked some books… I push those books that I like….

  7. I will look up the book, thank you. I just lost another comment. Wonder where they go. Anyway, on the above population thing- for a while, back in the day there was talk about zero population growth. I have been out of this discussion for many years. My take, opinion, whatever, is that these issues are medical, and should be handled in the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship. I hate to see stuff like this taken out of that realm. In other words, medical professionals and not politicians are best qualified to practice medicine, just my .02.

    Book talk always welcome, thanks!

  8. ed nelson says:

    Well Crane, I think I put in some unnecessary stuff there… Bio… geezus louise, sorry… My old time mama who was a piece a work… and all that… She was a smart gall, who was at one time a police officer of a southern California town… She was over some limit… she went over some threshold… she was well… ” in the Twilight Zone”… and I went there too…

    But see…. well if you are getting perplexed… are you? sic ole Dr. Freddie on me… I will stop short, I havn’t heard much from him… nor why would I?… But I like a lot of his commentary… specially the stuff going into the semi … Iduno… occult??? stuff about synchronicity… I went to some special places, back when i was with old 32 year old honey… she got mad at me and came with a right hook… not too bad for gal… damn near cold cocked me, but she was all appollogetic,
    she knew she could a probably done worse.

    I deserved it, her little brother was about a 250 lb. marine sarge…. good thing he didn’t find out I slapped her, the bitch, she eventually married her boss, down at the social services thing… and then when they got divorced… she got the boot from that cusshy job… don’t worry, she got another gig… smart gal… IQ… mother was a dean… father was a doc… she was a sorry piece of work in my opinion… I got screwed… (I had the wrong opinion about it.!!)

  9. ed nelson says:

    Crane baby, you’re going to love the Studd’s Terkel books.. I have others… I think I already put forth… These would be must reads: “From my house to Bouhouse:

    here’s some good ones from good ole… Tom Wolfe… a good Southerner… I like that guy, he is kind of authentic… on a couple of layers… he walks the walk… (wears… white suits… hey that get’s you in the door…

    Books: “From Bauhaus to Our House”:

    “:The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” by Tom Wolfe

    “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” by Tom Wolfe

    “The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby”

    These are all good reads… the titles may be a little lame but the body of the books are not lame.

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