Frog Gravy Update and a Thank You To Viewers

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Frog Gravy
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I would like to thank the viewers and visitors to this site, and to say that it is an honor and a pleasure to have viewers from all over the world. I only speak English, but I often try to translate things from other languages using my Google Translate. It is so cool to see visitors from other countries, who are either bilingual or who take the time to translate. Much of Frog Gravy contains regional slang, so translation is no easy task! Thank you so much!

As you probably know, Frog Gravy, the day-to-day incarceration story, is on the clipboard where I am editing it. My first task is editing out the internet stuff, which will take Frog Gravy from 177,000 words down to about 120,000 words. While I certainly hope to publish, I am realistic about the long shot of getting anything published in today’s market.

Three essays are published in the anthology called, This Side of My Struggle, by Editor Nandi S. Crosby, PhD:

A fourth essay, called The bridge of Sighs, won a contest for creative nonfiction, and was published in Kentucky in 2009. That essay is about addiction and is on this site:
If the subject of co-addiction in a marriage interests you, or if the subject of cyber addiction interests you, please give it a read.

Here are some stats for the last eight days. Thank you again!

2012-03-04 to Today site views

Country Views

United States 235
Australia 10
Germany 8
United Kingdom 7
South Africa 6
Canada 5
Philippines 5
Turkey 4
Brazil 2
New Zealand 1
Egypt 1
Poland 1
Republic of Korea 1
Denmark 1
Argentina 1
Romania 1
Singapore 1
Indonesia 1
India 1
Russian Federation 1
Iceland 1

  1. For folks who have not read any of the Frog Gravy essays, they are all here at this site, and they are numbered.

    I believe the last one was The Jailhouse Bullying of Harry: Frog Gravy 86:

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