The Released On Parole By Mistake Sentencing Documents

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Frog Gravy legal case
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My case is so surreal, I sometimes have difficulty believing it myself. That is why I am trying to provide as many documents as I can.

Judge Craig Clymer’s sentence in my case was eight years from the bench but four years in writing. Unless specified, DOC will read sentences as to be served concurrently:

Final Judgment & Sentence

I went home on parole, with a parole plan, after serving the required time on a four year sentence. Judge Craig Clymer contacted DOC and said something like, “Why is she out? I amended her sentence.”

I was then rearrested with a doubled sentence. Here is that article:

Here is the amended sentence:

Corrected Judgment & Sentence

Here are some other sentences, issued by the same judge:

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY – From a house party to the jail house. A shocking end to the Caleb Barnett tragedy. Despite emotional pleas for mercy a local man learned how much time he’ll serve in connection to the death of his close friend.

In July 2009 Taylor Thompson and Caleb Barnett were partying and taking drugs, drugs Thompson provided. On Wednesday, McCracken County Circuit Judge Craig Clymer sentenced Thompson to two two-and-a-half-year terms to run concurrently.

Thompson pleaded guilty to trafficking a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

McCracken County Circuit Court Judge Craig Clymer sentenced Karen Clark Thursday morning. Clark had already pleaded guilty to Theft by Deception and Criminal Abuse in the Second Degree. On Thursday, Judge Clymer sentenced Clark to three years on both charges. Clark will serve the sentences at the same time, totaling only three years.

PADUCAH, KY (AP) – A western Kentucky judge sentenced a woman involved in the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms implicated in a deadly break-in to more than two years in jail.

The Paducah Sun reports McCracken Circuit Judge Craig Clymer sentenced Shaina Skinner on Monday to 2-1/2 years for trafficking in a controlled substance.

Seriously, had I trafficked in drugs that were directly involved in the death of a young person, I would have received less than half the time I did receive, for a no-drugs-no-alcohol-no-bad-driving DUI and possession of one-tenth of a gram of crack.

Are you interested in state-by-state incarceration rates and other statistics?

Go here:


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