Seal- I’m Alive (Sasha and BT Atraxion Future Mix)

Posted: February 4, 2012 in Artwork
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I will be posting another Frog Gravy tomorrow. In the meantime, please have a listen to this, and enjoy:

  1. ed nelson says:

    Get near a window ah, (if there is one… ) and if it is near, then that window, if not… up against something like a freeways or a garbage dumpsiter staging area and/or so many noisy venues, but just some random window… listen to the crickets/frogs/birds… (crows, not so much!!)

    crickets are great, frogs are even as great, owls and hawks, seagulls, and the innumerable birds that we have been told are so… “dumb as to have ‘bird brains’, ” well you have again said something there yesterday wich is one of my little concepts.. too: that the little critters ain’t all that “dumb/stupido. If you ever saw the way sea birds follow boats, and they are moving inland.

    Hey we don’t need to go further, it is obvioso, that the living things all are smart, lacking better terms, at the moment, but they eat each other, prey one upon another, to which I say so f*n what?

    These people who are all upset about eating an animal… [product… even! ] and that’s what is a “purity snob idiot”. We, if we are… human, (not something to take in stride… (an insight helped along from the great serieses, “Twilight zone/ OUter limits… ) well then, we can eat the bastards, just the same as the f*n fishes and others, can eat one another, cause it is really the way of life.

    I will wind it up here with this because it is such an important idea… to me, which is the way the fish are considered total… “expendable” resources, to in effect just be “mined/extracted”, as if that there is no problem. Well think for a minut or acouple a years if it helps… Jeffrow, who do you think helps make a nice little goldfish bowl for ya to live and breath!?

    The fish who do their job! They like the fireman… the do their gd job, no questions, their to protect… the gd… (concept aquisition point, pause… ) the fishes is doin’ they god damned jobs, to protect the health o Oceans, where you’all get some a yer friggen… O/2…

    Not all that optimistic these yeears.

    • Right on, my friend. We have been listening to all of the songs lately- yes, the frogs are out! Their songs are so beautiful, as is all of it, too beautiful to ignore.

      It takes a little patience, but if people would only listen and pay attention, it is all there!

      Thank you Ed!

    • “Not all that optimistic these yeears.”

      Me neither. I think we’re pretty much…doomed.

  2. If you live in LA and you roller blade, this song will do ya from Temescal Canyon (Pacific Palisades) to the Santa Monica Pier, just sayin, especially with 80 mm wheels, a shaved brake and Abec 7 bearings, unless they have to scrape you up off the sidewalk.

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