Feeling The River Flow- Dean Evenson

Posted: January 31, 2012 in film
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Uploaded by chase fukuoka 61.

  1. ed nelson says:

    we’re just passing through it, no gaurantees about the next stop. I like that idea of a “Synchronicity” per: Jung, and reemphasized, I think, on some of the posts of Proff Leatherman, about how there is coincidentals, or… ( a linkage of things far and wide, but not linked by causal relationships, that can be measured/ascertained, by any of man’s tools.

    A linkage that reviels/shows itself, and defies efforts of rational analysis/disclosure of its character.

    And it doesn’t help if religions are in the hands of zombies.

    • Really good comment, ed, thank you. I also like the idea, and I have come to believe a couple more things, in this strange journey here:
      -We have much, much more in common with people than we are lead to believe, and

      -Hard to describe, but sometimes I think that things happen according to some kind of giant plan that we are unaware of at the time, but then later, we cannot reconcile the events with any sort of random coincidence.

      You said it better than I did, thank you.

      • ed nelson says:

        Let me throw this one out there: If “god” was just a little bit “bored”, and no disrespect! But one day God might be… a little … LONELY, and just out of somekindofplace… (!!Not “desparation”… (that is blasphemy!!… ) That he/she… “GOD”, might go to go figure some entertainments… (You know what I mean there… something to do in the “meantime”, like some of that time that is… (well… pretty plentiful, in… ah, that place, they call… Eternity).

        It is part of the bs that we go with, what is this Eternity, hell we are… extant… Existant… so f*the bastards… I think the deal we were supposed to learn in 9nth grade…. “The Greek Tragedies”, had some of this stuff, where, the “Gods were looking down and pulling strings… and having a great… ”entertainment”….

        I don’t really discount that stuff, it makes sense in some ways. I was a big fan of the “Twilight Zone show”, It was my favorite.

        Mr. “F” student, is talking about the Greek shit. What a hoot.

        Italicize// And it doesn’t help if religions are in the hands of zombies. // Un Italicize… [Just kidding.]

      • I actually do believe, in my heart of hearts, that God, at least in my life… God has a wonderful sense of humor. Now He could tone down the black humor at times, but He does keep me smiling. Usually.

  2. ed nelson says:

    Well, to add on a little…! We who inhabit this …. call it Earth…, then, well hell, [ I knew they did me a great service….!…. They purged my comments, because, I wasn’t BS’n… not really, not bull shitti’n, I say it lke it is, to a degree…

    But to tell the truth, I liked being purged, cause, I sure am glad not to have some of those comments still out there, cause they were too weird, or too… dangerous. I was floating some ideas that… well, the morons running things… well maybe them… or they… they, if they might ever be brought to it…… you as a simple part of the populace… you don’t want that, you would think better and not want that.

    • How odd. If one of your comments was purged, it is a wonder the whole site, Frog Gravy didn’t end up in the trash! I’m just keepin it real. Some of this stuff is not for the feint of heart!

  3. ed nelson says:

    Scusamee, Crane Station, I think I went overboard on that last one. And the thing I should be adding here is: you do good work, I liked the Eliphant thing, and a ever other stuff you and Fred Does, .

    • I would just like to let you know that it was not me who purged your comment! I am not sure how all the site stuff works, tell the truth. I have here two comments from you, both approved, and I really appreciate both of them!

  4. ed nelson says:

    About that above comment about “purged comments”, no that was a weird thing… I was referring to something completley… not to do with your real good site… I was… I guess talking about something else…

    I was talking about another blogg site, one that is well known, I am gladd I am pretty much “purged” from it, because, I sent about, I figure: 500 comments, and some of em didn’t get too good of a reception, especially this one: Can’t seem to pull it up, but it was the one where I came to the defense of that Euopean guy who was getting set up with a complete BS charge of rape.

    That old guy, (60+ ), and a rich international mogul, like no…. NO, he don’t need to rape any pc a crap black lady staff in the hotel… ( I don’t believe he would need to stoop that low… ), and so I sent off a comment about that at the FDL, I got some… heated replies… real hate came back on that one, [so called “feminists” or wtf, I wish I could pull it up, I think I have it here, but I got some good comment/replies too: One was: “are you Senator Packwood ?” I had to laugh, but I was amazed that maybe really took me for the… Pack wood who packed wood but how much wood could the woodpacker pack if a packwooder could or would pack… Other versions might be better… !

    I could see how there is a Hillary contingient… Total neoliberals. These are who are described pretty good by our current… peoples mind: Chris Hedges, who does good work on that subject.
    He tells of the purpose of what is the “liberals”, how that class exists, to supply a purpose… or to give a survice… they really are bastards!! Conservative?, bastards too, but not too many are [conservatives]:.. ( the term.)

    I will find the interchange, where the feminista’s reflexively jumped me, when I came to my… (somewhat… I will admit… reflexive… adversive admonition… against the rush against the guy…
    just didn’t make any sense that a super rich guy needs to do that….

    And just to ad a little anocdotal taht you won’t know… My little brother went to Berserkely where he knew the guy, and even took him out on our 50 yr old 20 ft sail boat on a sail around the bay.

    Nice guy, when he got to around 60, I think maybe he wouldn’t need to jump some dirty Kaffer.

    (Haahaa… no particurlars there, that is “Litterature”… ) (Writer’s Liscence… and so videra… ).

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