An Exciting Frog Gravy Announcement

Posted: January 14, 2012 in feminist perspective on incarceration, Frog Gravy

I will be posting a Frog Gravy essay, as well as a Frog Gravy legal case Commonwealth brief today (I must transcribe the latter, and this will take some time).

In the meantime, I would like to direct your attention to Dr. Nandi Sojourner Crosby, PhD. She is the founder and editor at a small publishing press in California. Her website is Here is a bit more about her publishing goals:

Soul.Journer Press evolved from a commitment to promote voices of struggle, truth, and change. In borrowing from Audre Lorde’s belief about a powerful poem, future works published by Soul.Journer Press will “punch you in the mouth from the inside.”

As you know, a sojourner is one who resides temporarily somewhere, as if needing to rest and reflect upon one’s lifelong journey. With Soul.Journer Press, we seek to promote writings that are vividly honest, well-constructed narratives of struggle, healing, and empowerment. In other words, we want to publish the depth of the human spirit. We are especially interested in reading and promoting the works of people who acknowledge accountability and who accept full responsibility for their choices in life.

We are a small press committed to creating printed and electronic books of creative nonfiction by persons who are deeply reflective and profoundly engaged in journeys toward their own fully human selves. We will promote the voices of individuals underrepresented in the readers’’ market, including prisoners, immigrants, differently-abled people, individuals not formally educated, marginalized youth, not-previously published persons, and many others. For now, our focus is mainly on publishing creative nonfiction anthologies, so that we may connect and heighten many powerful voices of honesty and candor.

I have been in contact with Dr. Nandi Crosby, and I am honored and grateful that she will be including three Frog Gravy essays in her upcoming book.

So far, only the addiction essay The Bridge of Sighs has been published (in Kentucky, 2009). I am extremely happy to see that some of the voices from women’s incarceration will be represented in her work.

I believe that Dr. Crosby has made some excellent selections.

Hannibal Mammogram
ends with a most interesting comment from the officer who escorted me to a mammogram.

Fried Bologna
is a good description of what the war on drugs really looks like, from an inside feminist perspective.

Meanness Among Warehoused Inmates is an absolute must-read, for a journey into the condensed madness of jail.

If there are any changes to this announcement, I will let my readers know immediately.

  1. laluna says:

    Crane-Station ~ I am grateful for your freedom, and still sorry for the trials of your incarceration, regardless of how that experience has become part of your life’s journey. I trust your invitation to be included in this perfect venue, and to share your gifts at just the right time is for exactly the right reason. We are enriched by all the expressions of your soul experiences. Indeed, a sojourner.

    “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens. [Ecclesiastes 3:1]”

    • Thank you so much laluna, for your kind comments. They mean a lot to me. Fred and I have spoken often about your writing ability, to the point where I am almost convinced that you are a humble, yet well-established writer and poet. This is the truth. Fred thinks so as well, and he never dishes out writing compliments.

      Ironically, years ago I spoke at my high school graduation (Lakeridge High, Lake Oswego, Oregon, class of 1978), and I used the quote that you cite above, from Ecclesiastes, in my speech.

      Small world. Little bitty.

      • laluna says:

        Crane-Station ~ i feel honored by you and Fred, especially because i admire your own writings, personal experiences and professional accomplishments. you are both soundly and soulfully contributing to the spiritual world in a time of hopelessness, diminished trust and faith.

        my thoughts and words are, for the most part, bundled within, but i am getting closer to bringing them to the surface by releasing heartfelt thoughts and emotions in writing. oh, but for the fear of words, however innocuous, that they can and will be used against us….one good reason for hesitancy to reveal one’s thoughts with the reality that today’s online judgments are swiftly delivered, absent compassion.
        when i do step into that realm i’m certain i’ll feel refreshed and healed by the lightening of my heart, and by sharing the burdens and knowledge of human experiences, however significant or insignificant.
        we all have a calling….yours and Fred’s will likely continue to take you places you probably can’t imagine. i’ll be following. really good people are really hard to find.

        Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose
        Nothin’ don’t mean nothin’ hon’ if it ain’t free, no no
        And feelin’ good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues
        You know, feelin’ good was good enough for me
        Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee ~Me and Bobby McGee

      • ” but i am getting closer to bringing them to the surface by releasing heartfelt thoughts and emotions in writing.”

        There are a good many people in pain out there who need to hear your words, and who will benefit from them, laluna.

        I am certain of it.

      • laluna says:

        thank you, again. i’m formulating ideas about “beginning”, and feel closer to that place. 🙂

  2. Outstanding, laluna. When I started Frog Gravy, I struggled and struggled with the concept of a beginning, until my mother pointed out that one does not necessarily need to start at the beginning…and so, as you can see, I didn’t.

    That said, the place of beginning is important in reality, but also rich with possibility in terms of metaphor and symbolism.

  3. laluna says:

    i trust i will drop my anchor when my heart is too full and begins to overflow. thank you, both, for the inspiration, Crane-Station.

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