We Can Never Go Back

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Unrelated to incarceration

Written by Masoninblue and re-blogged here, full-text, with permission, from the site masonbennu.wordpress.com.

I will be blogging sometime today.

We wish our readers a peaceful and joyous holiday season.

We Can Never Go Back

I cannot shake the feeling that most people still believe that we can return this country to what it was before the big fall. This belief is delusional nonsense.

For more years than I care to remember while millions of people all over the world were starving to death and millions more were barely eeking out a subsistence living, we the people were gorging ourselves on food and throwing away enough of it to feed all of the starving people in the world. We also participated in an orgy of consumption buying new stuff to replace perfectly good stuff that we threw away.

How can anyone desire to return to such grandiose selfishness as millions starved and continue to starve in increasing numbers as climate change inexorably turns breadbaskets into deserts?

I can see it so clearly now that I am unemployed and unemployable, a member of this nation’s new caste of untouchables. I participated and I am ashamed. I no longer want to engage in or be a part of the self-indulgent orgy of consumption for the sake of consumption.

I like my life now and I like myself.

Like many others, I am developing a new vision of a sustainable future based on conservation, using renewable energy, and following the Golden Rule.

Do you long for the past or are you creating a new future?

The jobs are never coming back and it will never be the same.


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