Links For 10-26-2011 [updated]

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If you like to see some great writing about Kentucky issues, please check out North of Center Lexington.

A 24-year-old Iraq Marine veteran has suffered a traumatic brain injury at the Occupy Oakland protest. Here is the video:

The veteran was hit in the face with a tear gas canister. There are mixed reports about his condition, although apparently he remains on a ventilator. If he is in fact critical, it is likely that he is pharmaceutically paralyzed and sedated, with some breaks for neurological assessment, while neurosurgeons decide how to manage the injury, but again, reports at this point are unclear. In the video, the injured man is on the ground, and while others rush to help him, another canister is thrown into the scene.

update #ScottOlsen twitpic:

An inmate hunger striker in Connecticut appeals force-feeding practices
to the State Supreme Court.

If you are poor, scraping by, or just want to be more frugal, check out this site and this emergency $45 menu for 6. Surf the site liberally, for great information, menus, shopping lists and general tips for frugal living.

In case you missed it, check out the Clay County KY election officials who were sentenced to a collective 156 years for misconduct.

McCracken County Jail

McCracken County Jail by Crane-Station on flickr.

There is a new McCracken County Jail addition under construction:

The new McCracken County Jail

Photo by Crane-Station on flickr.

Nikko, our African Grey Parrot, was a Humane Society rescue from Seattle:

African Grey Parrot

This African Grey Parrot says, among other things, “I’ll kick your balls, son.”

(Our parrot has a colorful vocabulary that includes the timeless “Wub-wub-wub wub wub” exactly like Curly in The Three Stooges, but when I tried to film it, he got mad and knocked the camera out of my hand.)


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