Interesting Links Relating To Incarceration

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Women’s incarceration is rapidly increasing. Read more here about the fastest growing prison population.

To read about a California inmate who used a contraband cell phone to call his family to notify them that he was granted parole, and then was revoked and given an additional five years in prison, go here.

Here is an article on growing life sentence prison populations hindering incarceration budget cuts.

Here is an outstanding and informative working paper on California’s SuperMax prisons and prisoners by Keramet Reiter. If you are interested in knowing more about SuperMax facilities, please read this.

Here is an interactive chart on the incarceration rate in Kentucky, from 2009. You can use the chart to compare this state to other states, and to the United States as a whole. I am not sure if the rate listed for Kentucky reflects Governor Beshear’s efforts to reduce overcrowding through his early release program. For a largely rural state, the incarceration rate seems high.

To my readers: Would you like to see more of these sorts of links and updates? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.


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