Kinetic Art: Ken’s Convolution

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Artwork, Neutral, Unrelated to incarceration
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Ken’s woodworking “Convolution” on YouTube.

Several weeks ago, I came across Ken’s Convolution through my favorite redneck jury rig site There! I Fixed It,, under the section “TDW Geek.”

Ken’s Convolution is a beautiful example of kinetic art.

Convolution contains the following:

Geneva Wheel

Also called the Maltese Cross or the Geneva Drive, this converts continuous rotation into intermittent motion.

Rack and pinion

In the rack and pinion, gears convert rotational motion into linear motion.

Scotch Yoke

The Scotch Yoke converts linear motion into a slider motion.

Set of Gears

This set of gears may have a name, but we are experiencing computer sound difficulties at the moment, and I could not make out the name, so perhaps someone has a name for the gears.

The cranking goes in only one direction in Ken’s set of gears, and to achieve this, he has “a mechanism in the back.”

On the back of Convolution is the hand-cranked mechanism. He has a set of elliptical wheels that “don’t really do anything,” but they are still cool!

Also on the back is a pair of “clapping hands,” all operated by a “single little disc” that you can see.

The mechanism consists of a wooden chain, a hand-turned wheel, some pegs, and what looks like a drive shaft.

There is no metal in Convolution: no wire, no screws, no nails.

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